We Care Productions, Inc. was founded in 1991 by Julian O. Garnett. He worked very hard to promote unity in the community spending numerous hours in his basement office where We Care Productions was birthed. Mr. Garnett, born in Philadelphia, Pa and raised within a loving family has overcome and survived many of the challenges that are common growing up in an African-American community or as some call it, “the hood”.

Mr. Garnett, known to all as Brother Julian, has been a resident of the Germantown community for over 30 years and can attest to the fact that his community has been torn apart by gang violence in the 70’s, drugs and crime in the 80’s. Crack cocaine alone has made the 90’s a living HELL in our community. Now we are in the new millennium and the famous saying still exists “Look at the kids hanging on the corner, they don’t have anything better to do.”


Mr. Garnett known as the “Mayor” in his community wants to change that before the next generation follows suit and takes over the corners left empty by drugs, jails and graves. Mr. Garnett feels that WCP can and will change the attitudes and the way of thinking of our young people through positive events and activities such as dance, basketball, baseball, tennis and other male/female programs. It has been proven that WCP, Inc. can make a positive difference in our youth.

Because of his vision and the proof that he has conquered many of the same challenges that kill, steal or destroy the dreams, destiny and lives of our youth today, Brother Julian has gained much respect from his family and many of his peers for his commitment, sacrifice and service to the community through numerous channels:

  • Youth Director ( Freedom Christian Bible Fellowship Church, Philadelphia PA)
  • Philadelphia Department of Recreation Advisory Council
  • First Recipient of the McDonalds Corporation “McSpirit of the Community Award”
  • Office of the District Attorney “Youth Aid Panelist”
  • Voter Registration Advocate (Dunk the Vote, Inc.)
  • Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee
  • Philadelphia Block Captain Association
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes Member
  • City of Philadelphia, Mayor's office for the Reentry of           Ex-Offenders (Case Manager)

Even though Brother Julian sacrifices much of his time to the world, his most precious and valuable assets are his wife Latrell, daughters Natasha, Rhysheeda, Jennifer and Alisha, his only son Julian and granddaughter Tianna. Julian states vigorously, “after God, your greatest strength is your family”

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