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Youth Game & Movie Nights

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We Care Day Community Festival
We Care Day is designed to re-establish the hope, unity, pride and the spirit of family. WCP Inc. believes by bringing the community together for a day of fellowship, fun and entertainment, along with the major voices of those in political offices and positive organizations, can only recreate the security we once had in knowing that a community that sticks together can grow and prosper peacefully together.

(Held every 3rd Saturday of September in Phila, Pa.)

Donald H. Garnett Sr. Memorial Youth Basketball Tournament
We Care Productions, Inc. is host to the Donald H. Garnett Sr. Memorial Youth Basketball Tournament. This tournament is designed to provide information and education to young people on the negative effects of drug addictions and domestic violence. This program is named after the late Donald H. Garnett Sr., a drug counselor who dedicated his life to the rehabilitation of individuals with drug and alcohol addictions. This annual tournament consists of many basketball teams from near and far, coming together to compete against each other for a good cause.

(Held quarterly throughout the year)

Performing Arts
WCP, Inc. is actively seeking instructors (possibly certified) to assist us in this area which presently includes:

  • Hip Hop Dance Team
  • Drill Team and Drum Corp
  • Jump Rope Team
  • Drama (seasonal plays and concerts)

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